Leonardo3, a research and study center focused on Leonardo Da Vinci, has uniquely created the only touring exhibition presenting new discoveries on Da Vinci. showcased with exciting L3 developed technologies. Leonardo Da Vinci's Workshop is fully interactive with cutting-edge, 3D interactive touch screens. Visitors are even able to build a machine piece by piece!

Other exhibits use artisans to reproduce the dated models of machines often seen in museums and books. Our research center studies new machines never before reconstructed as they were considered too difficult to understand (like the Great Kite or the Harpsichord-Viola). Also, we study and build from scratch what others have reconstructed erroneously (like the Helicopter or the Mechanical Lion).

Leonardo3 achievements are unique and unveiled to the world for the first time in this exhibit including the first and only reconstruction of the Great Kite from the Codex on Flight. The first and only fully playable Harpsichord-Viola (a musical instrument with the sound of a Viola and keyboard of a piano). The first and only reconstruction of the Mechanical Lion based on an actual manuscript of Leonardo. And much more.

The exhibit grows from venue to venue with new discoveries. In New York, we played the Harpsichord-Viola to the world for the first time. In Philadelphia, we introduced a new interactive experience devoted to the Last Supper, unveiling new discoveries such as the hidden snake! And your sponsors can also support new studies to provide the worldwide premiere of a new machine in your venue!

In addition the exhibit moves far beyond machine inventions, featuring fully interactive digital facsimiles of Leonardo's most famous codices – in which the visitors will not only flip the pages, but also appreciate hundreds of animated 3D models of the machines. The high definition recreation of The Last Supper in actual size as it is today is paired with our remarkable digital restoration of how the Last Supper should have been when Leonardo created it (today many details are lost). And an interactive digital experience allows visitors to paint the Last Supper themselves! Leonardo da Vinci's Workshop also includes reproductions of designs from the original collection of the Royal Da Vinci Commision from 1930s.

Suitable for all ages, this exhibition is the first to provide the instruments to truly understand the mind of the genius - finding the Leonardo da Vinci inside each of us. Leonardo da Vinci's Workshop is a fun and enlightening experience for the entire family.


How to Host Under License from Leonardo3

Costs On Application to Leonardo3

Traveling Exhibition Period Generally 4-6 months

Space Required 7,500 – 9,000 sq. ft. (customizable for larger or smaller spaces)

Ceiling Height Preferably 15 ft. and above

Freight Size 3 x 40 ft. High Cube containers

Installation Installation by Leonardo3 Technicians/Curators assisted by personnel of the hosting venue (6 people)

Traveling Exhibition History Checiny, Milan, Vigevano, New York, Philadelphia, Toronto

Past Attendances Milan (300,000), Vigevano (120,000), New York (60,000), Philadelphia (100,000), Toronto (90,000)

Past Sponsors Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lombardia, Provincia di Pavia, Comune di Vigevano, Endorsement by the President of the Italian Republic, FirstTrust, Barilla, Aviva, Comune di Milano, Award of Excellence from the President of the Italian Republic

Revenue Areas Tickets, Merchandise, Sponsorship, Sponsorship for the study and reconstruction of new machines never built before, Hospitality
Leonardo3 have a large volume of merchandise already produced and published. Additionally, there are many unique merchandising opportunities to brand and localize to each market.

Support Materials Full exhibition, merchandise and advertising style guides
Strategic marketing and promotional plans
Press releases
Activities Guide
High resolution imagery
Curatorial support available
Promo video and TV spot


This is the only exhibit presenting accurate and never before seen reconstructions of Leonardo’s Machines such as the Great Kite or the fully playable Harpsichord-Viola, as well as new discoveries (i.e. the snake hidden inside the Last Supper), state-of-the-art restorations (The Last Supper fully digitally restored) and fully interactive codices of Leonardo, even digitized from the originals (i.e. Codex on Flight). Most other Da Vinci exhibits present copies of machines previously seen or contain erroneous models or considered to be “fake” machines not of Leonardo (i.e. the Bicycle)! Leonardo Da Vinci's Workshop has seen excellent reviews around the world including raves in The New York Times.


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Leonardo3 Museum Milan, Italy | Mar. 1, 2013 - Oct. 31, 2015

Regionalne Centrum
Chęciny, Poland | Sep. 5, 2014 - Sep. 13, 2015

Ontario Science Center Toronto, Canada | Oct. 13, 2011 - Mar. 18, 2012

The Franklin Institute Philadelphia, PA, USA | Feb. 5 - May 22, 2011

Discovery Times Square Exposition New York, NY, USA | Nov. 21, 2009 – Mar.14, 2010

Sforza Castle Vigevano, Italy | Sept. 12, 2009 – June 13, 2010

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