The World of Leonardo
The Ultimate Da Vinci Experience

The best exhibit in the world: the only one with new discoveries!

“Distinctive works of genius are all over this startling exhibition…This exhibit should be seen.”

Presenting The World of Leonardo, an incredible exhibit featuring world premieres and discoveries resulting from unprecedented studies on the work of Leonardo da Vinci. And there more - scale models of Leonardo's inventions and machines with state-of-the-art touch screens enabling visitors to "turn the pages" of Leonardo's personal notebooks (Codex Atlanticus, Codex on Flight and Manuscript B), as well as showing the master’s artworks pre and post restoration (Mona Lisa and The Last Supper).

Since this is the only touring exhibit produced by a Leonardo’s research center, in every new venue it’s unveiled to the world a physical reconstruction of a Da Vinci’s machine never seen before!

The exhibition brings to life dozens of Leonardo's inventions, visions and concepts, including his gigantic flying machines, "automobile", robots, musical instruments, weapons of war and mechanical devices, which foreshadowed modern technology.

Highlights of the new exhibit include the Great Kite, which is considered his "definitive" flying machine, as well as the world's first working prototype of his Self-Propelled Cart, and the first physical models of his Mechanical Bat and Mechanical Lion, or the only playing model of the Harpsichord-Viola among others. All of the models in the exhibit are premieres not present in other exhibitions or the correct interpretations of what as been made wrong by others.

All the exhibit is fully interactive thanks to avant-garde, touch screen technologies based on threee-dimensional, high-definition graphics and animations.



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Leonardo_da_Vinci_traveling_exhibition_exhibit_museum_Da_Vinci_Workshop_Leonardo3_codex_atlanticus_machines   2011-12 | Toronto, Canada
Ontario Science Centre

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Leonardo_da_Vinci_traveling_exhibition_exhibit_museum_Da_Vinci_Workshop_Leonardo3_codex_atlanticus_machines   2011 | Philadelphia, PA, USA
Franklin Institute

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Leonardo_da_Vinci_traveling_exhibition_exhibit_museum_Da_Vinci_Workshop_Leonardo3_codex_atlanticus_machines   2010 | New York, NY, USA
Discovery Times Square Exhibition

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Leonardo_da_Vinci_traveling_exhibition_exhibit_museum_Da_Vinci_Workshop_Leonardo3_codex_atlanticus_machines   2009 | Vigevano, Italy
Sforza Castle

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Leonardo_da_Vinci_traveling_exhibition_exhibit_museum_Da_Vinci_Workshop_Leonardo3_codex_atlanticus_machines Da Vinci's Workshop | Ontario
The Exhibition Opens at Ontario Science Centre.

Leonardo_da_Vinci_traveling_exhibition_exhibit_museum_Da_Vinci_Workshop_Leonardo3_codex_atlanticus_machines Getting inside DVW | Ontario
Leonardo Da Vinci’s Workshop at the Ontario Science Centre

Leonardo_da_Vinci_traveling_exhibition_exhibit_museum_Da_Vinci_Workshop_Leonardo3_codex_atlanticus_machines Da Vinci Workshop | New York
HD footage of the exhibition

Leonardo_da_Vinci_traveling_exhibition_exhibit_museum_Da_Vinci_Workshop_Leonardo3_codex_atlanticus_machines Exhibit Promo
Leonardo Da Vinci's Workshop

Leonardo_da_Vinci_traveling_exhibition_exhibit_museum_Da_Vinci_Workshop_Leonardo3_codex_atlanticus_machines Discovery News Video
History: New Da Vinci Instrument Unveiled

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Workshop at the Franklin Institute

Leonardo_da_Vinci_traveling_exhibition_exhibit_museum_Da_Vinci_Workshop_Leonardo3_codex_atlanticus_machines 6abc Action News
Up close and personal with Da Vinci exhibit

Leonardo_da_Vinci_traveling_exhibition_exhibit_museum_Da_Vinci_Workshop_Leonardo3_codex_atlanticus_machines Discovery News Video
DaVinci's Outline In The Last Supper?

CCTV-9 | China
Reconstruction of Leonardo da Vinci' s designs

Leonardo_da_Vinci_traveling_exhibition_exhibit_museum_Da_Vinci_Workshop_Leonardo3_codex_atlanticus_machines CCTV-9 | China
NY exhibit reveal unknown side of Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo_da_Vinci_traveling_exhibition_exhibit_museum_Da_Vinci_Workshop_Leonardo3_codex_atlanticus_machines PIX11 Channel
Live TV broadcasting


2013-2015 | Milan, Italy
Leonardo3 Museum - The World of Leonardo

2014-2015 | Checiny, Poland
Regionalne Centrum Naukowo-Technologiczne


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